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Barge Loading

300 Feet Barge Loading in Timbau port

Teluk Timbau Port is already in operation with standard truck loading to 300 feet Barge size. Barge loading is finished in 2,5 - 3 days. 
This operation method is temporary meanwhile the 2nd jetty and 3rd jetty (with conveyor) still under construction, and also the crushing plant and the stock pile sand filling. 

Activities in Stckpile

Stockpile in Teluk Timbau Port
Closer look in stockpile 
Coal loading to truck
Loading foremen beside barge 
300 feet barge berthed

Activities in Barge

Truck entering barge ramp 
Truck entering barge
Truck dump coal in barge
Truck finishing dump
Truck go out fr barge to load more
Barge filled full of coal