Mitrada Sinergy Profile

We are one of affiliates groups of companies that operate in Barito River stream. The group companies activities start from producing coal, logistic infrastructure including feeder barge port, feeder barges operator, stockpile management to consolidate several coal sources, and deliver the range of coal specification to niche buyers. 

MS Coal is a brand owned by PT Mitrada SinergyMS role is consolidating the coal resources in surrounding area with challenging river logistics, then manage the stock piles in Teluk Timbau Port to give the quality and the delivery assurance.


PT Sinomast Mining is the coal operator and coal producer with typical specification: high Gross Calorific Value 6300 kcal/kg adb, Sulfur below 1%, and Ash below 10%.  

PT Bintang Catur Karsa Lines is a barging company that own and operate 
tug and barge to support the groups. The company has full experience and has water level prediction system to minimize sailing risk. 

PT Borneo Bandar Segara as an operator of Teluk Timbau intermediate port that exclusively support the groups. Port was  developed  in phases to increase capacity gradually. The  first shipment of the port was December 2008.



Pangku Port is located in North Barito River. Loading Conveyor was designed to accommodate radical water level 3 -14 m with main conveyor loading rate max 1000 tph. Barge loading operation is in 24/7. [port info pdf


Small Barges are used in North Barito river from 180-230 feet. Unique procedure was developed strictly applied to overcome the challenge of North Barito River logistics.


The port is located in Teluk Timbau, South Barito in a safe  360 m river wide and all seasons operation. Feeder barges discharge coal  to 3 Ha coal stockpile area that enough to keep a buffer stock, processing, and re-load to bigger barge 300-320 feet size barge. The port exclusively support the companies in the Group. [Port info pdf]